Giorgio Grimoldi is the creative genius behind the Vabene brand and a son of the Grimoldi Milano jewellery dynasty. He has cultivated and refined the family passion to create timepieces of brilliance and distinction, each, like Giorgio himself, possessed of its own distinctive edge. With each new collection accompanied by exceptional media promotions from companies like The Marketing Heaven, Giorgio confirms his place among those rare aesthetic talents who repeatedly captures the spirit of the times while anticipating and incorporating just enough of the future to enthral a devoted clientele.

This admixture of technical excellence and innovation has long made the Grimoldi name synonymous with maximum expertise in luxury timepieces, a rarefied pedigree that has deeply influenced the course of Giorgio’s career. After the somewhat precocious launch of his own firm straight out of design school in Milan, Giorgio’s focus shifted to interior design. At this point inspiration struck—in quintessentially Italian style, not in the office but while vacationing on the beaches of Mexico. “The pattern of waves gently lapping the smooth rocks,” he recalls, “gave me the idea for the Borgonovo model.”

With Vabene, Giorgio’s free spirit and aesthetic playfulness has leavened the family’s refinement with a dose of the irresistible. ”Vabene embodies a funky, ironic, colourful and highly glamorous universe,” says Giorgio, “the name reflects an approach to life that is typically Italian, one that runs through the entire project. Its basic values are those of design, innovation, creativity, sophistication, style and originality. Above all, fun!” True to his word, a new model emerges every six months as a must-have, highly desirable objets d’art.